15 Minute Arm Workout

When your late out of the office you don't always have time to hit the gym or do a long run. So I like to do some short workouts at home and this 15 minute arm workout is one of my favorites! The benefits of this workout is that your core is involved in every exercise so you also work on flattening and tightening you abdomen.

You need:
  • Set of dumbbells: start with light weights (2,5 to 4 kg) and when your progressing take a heavier set.
  • Optional: Yoga mat 

The workout consists of two supersets each containing two exercises. Start with the first superset (1A & 1B) and repeat each exercise 10 to 20 times (10 if your just getting started and raising that number when you're getting stronger!). When you finished both exercises (1A & 1B) without rest in between , take 30 seconds rest and repeat Superset 1. Do this 3 times. 

Superset 1:

1A: Planking push-ups
Starting position: Place your forearms on the floor (or on your yoga mat), make sure that your elbows are located right under your shoulders and stretch your legs out behind you. Keep the palms of your hands flat on the floor. 
(a) Keep your back straight and come in a push-up position by first extending your right arm followed by your left arm (so you lean on your palms).
(b) Come down back on your forearms by first placing your right forearm back on the ground followed by your left forearm. This is one rep! Repeat, but now extend your left arm first. Keep repeating until you have reached the predetermined amount of reps.

1B: Combined shoulder lift
Starting position: Get your dumbbells. Keep them both at hip height, the palm of your right hand points at your hips and the palm of your left hand facing forwards. Make sure that your knees remain slightly bended and your back is straight and your shoulders down. 
(a) In a smooth movement, extent your left arm to the side and your right arm straight ahead. Make sure that both your left and right hand are in one line with your shoulders.
(b) Maintain this position for a minimum of 3 counts. Keep repeating, whereby you switch sides every time. When you finished both side this is one rep.  

Superset 2:

2A: Alternating shoulder press with a twist
Starting position: Hold both dumbbells fixed at shoulder height. You elbows now bent and your palms are facing your face (so your wrists are in line with your forearms). Make sure that your knees remain slightly bended and your back is straight and your shoulders down. 
(a) Turn your upper body to the left whilst you push the dumbbell in your right arm straight up.
(b) Come back to starting position en repeat the exercise to the other side. This is one rep!

2B: Plank front raise to rotation
Starting position: Start in a push-up position with feet shoulder-width apart a dumbbell in each hand keep your back straight. 
(a) Raise one arm with dumbbell straight out in front of you. Bring your arm back down to the floor.
(b) Rotate your right arm up in the air whereby you also rotate your upper body to the side. Bring your arm down and repeat (a) and (b) with your left arm. 
If you finished the movements with both arms you have one rep!

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