New Features on the Blog!

Since I started this blog I got a lot of positive feedback! So this weekend I spent improving the blog and I added the following two pages:
  • Kitchen conversion charts between the U.S. and Metric Systems.
  • For all the Dutch readers of this blog an English-Dutch wordlist with frequently used words in the recipes that could be unclear! If you miss any words don’t hesitate to send me an email or leave a comment!

I also took the time to write a piece about my philosophy on clean eating in which I shortly adress some of the main aspects that I incorporated in my lifestyle.

Last but not least I changed the layout of the blog and added some features to the sidebar on the right. First a little welcome word to create a positive space on the blog. If you want daily email updates in which the posts are incorporated that I uploaded that day you can subscribe to the blog by leaving your emailadress. New recipes and posts will be emailed to you! Additionally, below the subscribe function I added the google translate widget. So for all the Dutch people who expressed that they would prefer the recipes in Dutch, you can still send me an email requesting the recipe and I will send it to you within 2 days, but you can also select 'Nederlands' in the google translate widget. Google will automatically translate everything into Dutch, however, this is not always correct mainly resulting in weird and often funny sentence structures.

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