Workout Thursday!

So I'm going to introduce Workout Thursday! Every Thursday I will post a new workout on my blog which you can easily do from home, before or after work! All workouts will be quick! After all a quick workout is better than no workout! So today's workout will take about 20 minutes.

Make sure that you do the exercises in order and use a set of dumbbells of 3-4 kg. If you're getting more experienced try heavier weights, or build up the weight each round. So the first round use 3 kg dumbbells, the second round 4 kg and the third round 5 kg dumbbells. Take 20 seconds rest between each exercise en 60 seconds between each round.

Exercise 1: Deadlift with press
Starting position: Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold one dumbbell in your right hand and come into squat position making sure that your knees don't go over your toes.
(a) Stand straight up while pulling the dumbbell to your chest, then quickly pressing the weight directly over your head (your palm is rotated away from you).
(b) Reverse the movement to starting position. This is one rep! Do 10 with your right arm and then switch to the other side for 10 reps with your left arm.

Exercise 2: Single-Leg Dumbbell Row
Starting position: Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stand on your right leg (slightly bending your knees), bend your upper body forward and raise your left leg straight behind you. Your arms holding the dumbbells are straight and your palms are facing your leg.
(a) Row the weights to your chest with both arms simultaneously and your elbows pointing out when pulling up.
(b) Lower your arms till starting position. This is one rep! Do 10 reps total on your right leg and then switch to your left leg.

Exercise 3: Push-ups
Start in push-up position. Make sure that your body is a straight line from head to heels and keep your back flat! Place your hands shoulder with and do 20 push-ups. It's only a rep when your elbows are bend till 90 degrees!

Exercise 4: Jumping lunge
Starting position: Come into lunge position with right foot forward.
(a) Jump straight up off the floor. You can use your arms by swinging them forward.
(b) Switch your legs on your highest point (like scissors) and land in a lunge with  your left foot forward. This is one rep. Do 20 reps (10 with each leg forward).

Exercise 5: Tricep dips
Starting position: Place your palms facedown next to your thight on a bench or stair behind you. Keep your arms straight with your hips and butt in front of the bench. Your feet are flat on the floor and the farther away you set them the heavier it will be.
(a) Bend your elbows to a 90 degree angle. Your hips will lower to the floor.
(b) Push back up to starting position. This is one rep! Do this 20 times.

Let's do this!


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