Why I started to use Supplements

Two weeks ago I decided it was time to start with supplements to make sure that I get all the vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids in my system. The reason is that the products we currently eat don't contain the same amount of nutritional value as 50 years ago. In a society in which we are more and more exposed to air pollution, pesticides, stress, medicins etc. the constant flow of essential nutrients is more important then ever! However, supplements are never a replacement for a healthy and variated nutrition! It is called supplements! The name itself says it all, they are ment to complement your nutrition! Especially since fruit and vegetables contain the necessary fibers, enzymes, flavanoids and phytonutrients. I decided to use the brand Solgar because these were advised to me and are tested as one of the best vitamin supplements out there and they are sugar and starch free! They are more expensive, but for the Dutchies, if you order them abroad in the United Stated it's much cheaper and you will pay about 40 euro including shipping costs instead of about 80 euros.

Vitamins are essential for your body because they allow your body to perform some key processes! They are necessary to activate enzyms which are essential in the digestion process, but without vitamins these enzyms are useless. Additionally, vitamins make sure that your hormon levels remain stable, they strenghten your blood vessels, are essential for your brains and your central nerve system and help fight of a cold. They practically play a role in every process in your body! But the problem with vitamins is that your body isn't able to make vitamins, so we completely relay on our nutrition for the necessary levels of vitamins.

Minerals are like vitamins essential for your body. Minerals support the activities of vitamins and they are also essential in the production of blood, bones and tissue. They foster the condition on your central nerve system, make sure that your body fluids are in the right composition and they play a role in our energy management and oxigen transport. Like this isn't enough they also help neutralise some harmfull substances which we ingest on a daily basis. The same as with vitamins, out bodies aren't equiped to make it's own minerals so we need to make sure that we get enough minerals in our system trough our nutrition. 

In short, supplements are a good substite to a healthy lifestyle. When you have enough vitamins and minerals in your system the processes in your body will be more efficient and it won't ask for nutrients which causes cravings and it will eventually lead to more energy which makes you feel vital!

Will keep you guys updated on how I feel and if I notice any changes!


  1. Thanks for your guidance. It’s always helpful and useful to take proper guidance in case of health and supplements. I think kratom supplements are helpful in maintain balance of nutrients in our body.

    1. Hi! Thank you for your comment! Glad to hear that you also acknowedge the importance of the balance of nutrients in our bodies and that you found supplements that suit you and your lifestyle!
      - Love Debbie