Homemade Healthy Chocolate Milk

In the Netherlands it's almost 'Sinterklaas' (Sint Nicolaas) which means that at 5 december kids will get presents and till that time eat a lot of spice nuts ('pepernoten'), chocolate letters and chocolate milk. So I was looking to make a more healthy version for chocolate milk since I try to avoid eating and drinking too much dairy products. So I don't drink as much cow's milk as a year ago. I choose to incorporate alternatives for milk into my diet like almond milk and coconut milk. You can also try soy milk or rice milk but I prefer almond and coconut. I always make my morning oats with almond milk!

But I always have loved chocolate milk, but the store bought ones contain too many unnecessary food additives and sugars. So how can you make your chocolate milk somewhat more healthy and enjoy it without feeling guilty? Well it's really easy! Sure it doesn't taste exactly the same but it's still good!

Just poor in one cup of unsweetened almond milk. In a small bowl mix 1 tbs cocoa powder with 10 ml agave syrup, 1/4 ts vanilla extract and 1 tbs of water until it's a chocolate syrup. Add 1 tbs of this syrup to the milk, heat it for 1 minute and 30 seconds in your microwave and it's done!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this i really appreciate you keep it up i will try this recipe in my new best juicer for ginger