How to Control Binge Eating

Lately I've noticed by myself that if I have something unhealthy lying around the house (like chips, hazelnut chocolate bars and ice cream) I just have to eat it and I actually start to binge! This is not okay. So I have thought of some coping mechanism for me to avoid binge eating which I really wanted to share with you.

  1. I have learned don't be too hard on yourself. If you really crave some hazelnut chocolate have a small piece and enjoy every single bite! Eat it consciously but avoid going overboard. It's all about moderation!
  2. The simplest way: just don't have something that you no will lead to a binge in your house. We all have an item, whether it is chips, chocolate, cake, candy etc. that will lead to a binge if you start eating it an you just can't stop. My solution is not to buy these products for a couple of weeks. And I only buy them when I feel confident that I can resist the binge and only eat it in moderation. 
  3. The more you tell yourself no, the more your brain will say YES!!! Actually it's funny how your brain works but it's something we already have when were are just children. If someone tells you, you can't have something you will just want it more. So if you keep telling yourself no day in day out it will finally lead to a binge. So if you're up for it have a small piece. 
  4. If you eat something, put the rest away before you start eating it. If it's in front of you, it's just too easy to go back to it straight away. 
  5. Create healthy snack options and if you crave something eat the healthy option. You will not feel hungry anymore so it will be a lot more easy to resist the binge.
  6. If you're at home at feel like a binge, go and occupy yourself somewhere else. Start cleaning the house, take a run or a walk outside. Just do anything to take your mind off and you don't have too constantly fight with yourself.
  7. Finally, avoid going grocery shopping if you're in the middle of a craving. There are just too much temptations there!

If you have any other tips please do share!

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