Some Facts About the Natural Sugar Content of Fruits

I just love fruit! It's one of my favorite healthy snacks and I incorporate them in my diet every day! Since I don't eat any artificial sugars any more fruit is really my moment to have something sweet. Try it yourself! Stay away from any products that contain a lot of refined and artificial sugars and syrups and your taste buds will adapt and your fruit tastes way better and much sweeter! Sometimes I really crave a cake or something else with sugar and that's just my body telling me that it is in need of a sugar boost. I think it's really important to listen to your body, but instead of going to buy a cake I reach to fruit instead!

The amount of sugar that each type of fruit contains vary greatly so it's good to have some information about the natural content of sugars in fruit. But I do want to stress that fruit is healthy! Not as healthy as vegetables but still very healthy! Fruit contain mostly simple carbohydrates which in theory makes them part of the 'bad' carbohydrates and sugars. But fruit also contains high amount of dietary fibers. These fibers inhibit the absorption of sugar and this combination makes this the only simple carbohydrate that is healthy! If you want to avoid a rapid raise in your blood sugar levels you can also add some unsalted and unroasted nuts to your snacktime (see: Fruit as a Healthy Snack). Of course variation is key, so vary your fruits because different fruits have different positive effects on your health because they contain different vitamins, minerals and nutrients. But to give you insight into the natural content of sugar in fruit I found this chart which could be helpful if you want to keep track of your sugar intake! Note it respresents the amount of sugar per 100 grams of fruit!

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