Healthy Party Snacks

Yesterday it was new years eve! I made some delicious healthy party snacks which are also perfect for Birthdays or just any occasion at which you have a bunch of friends over! Last September I already posted Savory Roasted Chickpeas which are perfect but here are a lot more tasty and healthy snacks!

Roasted 'Honey' Nuts

First up these amazing roasted 'honey' nuts. Oh my these are sooo good!!! We actually started eating them and were half way through the bowl before I had time to make a picture, oeps!

You need: a mixture of unroasted and unsalted nuts olive oil and agave syrup. I used a mixture of pecans, almonds, hazelnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds

What you do:
  1. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees of Celsius. 
  2. Mix the nuts in a bowl and make sure they are all covered in agave syrup. Per 100 grams of nuts you need 2 1/2 tbs agave syrup and 1 tbs olive oil.
  3. Lay them out on your griddle covered with grease proof paper and put them in the oven for about 15 minutes (stir half way through). Keep an eye out because they burn easily!
Little tip: They are really sticky, especially when they are just out of the oven when they are also really really hot! Then you just need to put them on a (wooden) chopping board and let them cool off before you serve them.

Stuffed Dates with Goat cheese

You need: Seedless dates, soft goat cheese and some agave syrup.

What you do: Slice the dates in half and stuff them with goat cheese. When you are ready to serve them sprinkle over some agave syrup!

Healthy Salmon Wraps

These are delicious and fill you and your guests up, but not too much!

You need: whole wheat wraps, cottage cheese, smoked salmon, spring onions, lettuce, some fresh chive and pepper.

What you do: 
  1. Simply make as much wraps as you want! First lay out the wrap on your worktop. Smear with cottage cheese and season with pepper. Then lay the salmon on top in the middle of the wrap, followed by 1 chopped spring onion per wrap and some freshly cut chive. Then put 1 lettuce leave in the middle of the wrap and wrap it up! Cut into singe bite pieces and serve on a nice plate.

Veggie Wraps

You need: whole wheat wraps, lettuce, homemade red pesto, spring onions, tomato, cucumber and red paprika.

What you do: 
  1. Slice the tomato and cucumber, deseed the paprika and cut into stripes. Lay out the wrap on top of your worktop and smear with a thin layer of red pesto. Then layer all vegetables in the middle of the wrap with the lettuce on top. Next step: wrap it up! And cut into single bite pieces.

Stuffed cherry tomatoes

A variation to your classic Caprese salad served in single bites!

You need: cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, basil leaves, pepper, extra virgin olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.

What you do:
  1. Wash the cherry tomatoes, pat dry and remove the stem and leaves. With a sharp knife, chop off a small slice of the bottom of the cherry tomato. Why the bottom? Well, this is usually the most rounded side and the top is more flat. Then gently remove the pulp and seeds from the inside of the tomato. Depending on the size of the tomatoes you can use a melon scoop or a small knife. The put them on a piece of paper towel with the open side down so all the 'juice' gets out. 
  2. Slice the mozzarella into pieces as big that they fit into the cherry tomatoes perfectly. Then pick some fresh leaves basil.
  3. Finally, put the cherry tomatoes in a nice bowl or on a nice plate with the open side up. Sprinkle with some sea salt and pepper. Then put a basil leave inside the tomato followed by the mozzarella cube. When they are all done sprinkle with some extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and they are ready to be served!
Tip: you can make everything before hand and keep it in the refrigerator. But wait with the olive oil and vinegar until you serve.

Chicken rolls

It doesn't get any simpler than this. You only need two ingredients: Slices of chicken breast and pickles!
Simply slice the pickles lengthwise and layer 1 or 2 stripes in the middle of a slice of chicken breast and then roll it up!

Smoked beef with egg

Again, you only need two ingredients. But make sure you already boiled the eggs prior to making your snacks so they are cooled down. Same as with the chicken rolls, cut the egg into half and layer in the middle of the smoked beef and roll it up!



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  1. i made the honey nuts and they are awesome!!! everybody loves them! :-)