Pita Grill Madness

Tonight was one of the few nights I didn't eat what I planned on my menu. And if you have been following me for a while you know I ALWAYS plan my meals! This helps me to stay on track and make sure I eat healthy and clean everyday because I have all the groceries necessary for the dishes at home. And I basically always stick to this menu because I do not want to throw away any foods. Yes sometimes I have my meal planned for Wednesday on Thursday and vice versa but that's okay. Another benefit for me from planning my meals is that it helps me make sure I have a varied diet during the week. So I usually don't have meat two days in a row but plan a fish or vegetarian dish in between. 

But tonight I just didn't feel like the noodles I had planned so I figured, well what other kind of dish can I make with the same chicken and vegetables but just without the noodles? A quick look in my freezer led me to find 2 whole wheat pita's left over from last Sunday's Pita Falafel and I immediately knew, yes this is what I have an appetite for today! So grilled the vegetables and chicken and these amazing pita's were born. Called them Grill Madness because basically all main ingredients in the pita are grilled. Hope you like them as much as I do!

English recipe:

Duration: 15 minutes

The ingredients:
  • 2 whole wheat pita's 
  • 1 chicken breast filet of 200 g
  • 1 tomato
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1/2 sweet paprika (a whole paprika is also perfect but I had only a half left after my lunch salad today) 
  • handful arugula
  • 1 tbs sweet paprika powder
  • Salt en pepper
  • Olive oil

What you do:

  1. Put a grill pan over high heat. Meanwhile, cut the zucchini into thin slices and season with salt and pepper and lightly brush both sides with olive oil. Then grill a few minutes on both sides until they are soft and have brown stripes. Meanwhile, cut the paprika and chicken into thin strips. Grill the peppers first when the zucchini is ready. 
  2. Mix the chicken with salt and pepper and paprika and a little olive oil. When the paprika is done you van grill them for about 3 minutes per side in a grill pan until the pieces are golden brown and cooked. 
  3. Meanwhile, toast the pita bread in a toaster and slice the tomato. 
  4. Fill the pitas with the tomato slices, arugula, zucchini, paprika and chicken. 
  5. I choose to serve my pita's without sauce, but of course my homemade garlic sauce or a delicious humus are perfect.


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Nederlandse recept - Pita Grill Waanzin:

Tijd: 15 minuten

De ingrediƫnten:
  • 2 volkoren pita broodjes
  • 1 kipfilet van 200 g
  • 1 tomaat
  • 1 courgette
  • 1/2 zoete punt paprika (een hele kan ook, maar ik had een halve over na mijn salade van vanmiddag)
  • handje rucola
  • 1 el zoet paprika poeder
  • peper & zout
  • olijfolie

  1. Zet een grillpan op hoog vuur. Snijd ondertussen de courgette in dunne plakjes en breng op smaak met zout en peper en bestrijk lichtjes beide kanten met olijfolie. Grill ze een paar minuten aan beide kanten tot ze zacht zijn en bruine strepen hebben. Snijd ondertussen de paprika en kip in smalle reepjes. Grill eerst de paprika als de courgette klaar is. 
  2. Meng de kip met wat zout en peper en het paprikapoeder en een beetje olijfolie. Gril deze zo'n 3 minuten per kant in de grillpan totdat de stukjes goudbruin en gaar zijn.
  3. Rooster ondertussen de pita broodjes en een broodrooster en snijd de tomaat.
  4. Vul de pita's met de tomatenplakjes, rucola, courgette, paprika en kip.
  5. Ik heb vandaag gekozen geen saus erbij te doen, maar uiteraard is mijn zelfgemaakte knoflooksaus of een humus heerlijk hierbij.

Eet smakelijk!

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