E-Book Offer Extended!

This week one of my recipes, including picture, was published in a Dutch magazine called Margiet! How cool is that!? It's in Margriet nr. 12 on page 7 for those who are interested. 

So to celebrate I will extent the offer for the E-Book: Clean Eating on Budget for 1 week until March 22th!

The E-Book contains 45 healthy and easy single person serving recipes for each day of the week! 
There is a Dutch as well as an English version!

Now only for €7.50 instead in €9.95! 
Limited offer till March 22th! So be sure to add this recipe book to your collection! Buy it now through the paypal links or send an email to healthylivinginheels@hotmail.com if you want to pay with bank transfer!

The recipes are incorporated into a varied menu for 2 weeks. So that's 14 breakfast recipes, 14 lunch recipes and 14 dinner recipes! + 3 recipes necessary food your meal prep!

I paid special attention for the reuse of products in order to save money and stay on budget! Of course I included a shopping list and some tips to stay within the budget! All recipes are healthy & clean and single person servings which are easily transformed into 2, 3 or 4 persons servings by multiplying the ingredients by the number of people! The book also includes vegetarian recipes (12 for breakfast, 6 for lunch and 5 for dinner)!

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