Cheat meal!

Sometimes in indulge in a major cheat meal! I figured it was time to show you guys this and tell you a little bit more about cheating. Today was a major cheat with french fries from the snackbar and chicken wings baked in a lot of butter with organic mayonaise.  But I loved it. Enjoyed every bite and didn't feel guilty at all. Why? Because I know that during the rest of the week I will eat healthy and clean. Actually, I believe that cheating once a while isn't a problem at all. It reminds your body of the fact that it has to work and that eating healthy shouldn't be considered usual. Don't get me wrong, it is usual and should be a habit, but your body can become 'lazy' and so used to healthy eating that it adapts to it and when that happens you just don't experience the same benefits. I also discovered that when I cheat only a few times a year my body can't handle the unhealthy food and I really become sick. This, of course, shows how toxic unhealthy foods are, but on the other hand, you just can't eat super healthy all the time. You can, but then you always need to bring your own food, even when you're eating at friends. Especially on party's the only option is often not something you would choose yourself but when it's the only cheat in the week, what's the problem?! If you do it and you do it only in the weekends then there is no problem. Just make sure that eating healthy remains your habit!

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