Dates & Figs Raw Food Bar

Healthy and wholesome snacks, we are all searching for the perfect snack. But, sometimes, that can be a quite tricky. I always made my own raw food bar, but lately I got a little bored with my version, so it was time for a new one. Inspired by chef Erik te Velthuis, I have made a delicious bar ​​and it only took 10 minutes and it gives me a snack for 8 days!

The ingredients for 8 bars of 40 gram:

  • 150 g fresh dates
  • 50 g dried Spanish figs 
  • 25 g dried pear
  • 2 tbs dessicated coconut
  • 2 tbs quinoa flakes
  • 20 g almonds
  • 20 g hazelnuts
  • 10 g pecans

What you do:
  1. Remove the pits from the dates and and place in your food processor and grind finely until it's one stickly ball. 
  2. Cut the figs and pear into small pieces. Grind the nuts finely but not to fine as it's tasty when there are quite a few larger pieces of nut in it. Put the figs, pear and nuts in a big bowl together with the dates, 1 tbs grated coconut and the quinoa flakes in a bowl and mix with your hands till it's one solid whole. The dates make sure that everything will stick together. 
  3. Put a piece of parchment paper in a meat tray and place the date mixture. Fold the paper in half and press the mixture flat. Sprinkle both sides of the bar with the rest of the coconut grater so that the tape no longer sticks and cut into 8 equal pieces of about 40 g each.
  4. Save in your refrigerator so they set a little bit.


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