Looking Back at May

After all the positive reaction to my Looking Back at April post I decided to keep doing this. So here is May! Love how colourful the whole month turned out.

May was all about getting accustomed at my new job and finding a new balance between work, cooking and working out. Made a lot of new meals and posted a lot of recipes. But my favorite of this month is my Tomatopilav with spicy chicken and my Firm Meal Size soup with Pangasius fillet! I normally just don't make soup because I think it's a lot of work but this day I had to because my wishdom teeth were extracted the day before so soup was the only thing I could eat. As I don't like the store bought soups with all the food additives I made my own and was suprised by how good it turned out! Definitely going to make this more often!

And what other stuff happened this month? Well on May 7th my old roommate and collegue Linda defended her thesis and I was her paranimf. I'm really proud of her that she accomplished this and is now officially doctor and I can't wait till I can defend my thesis as well! Also got a lot of new cook books of which I'm eager to make some recipes from! My favorite this month is the cookbook: Brasil. It brings back memories from my holiday and I already made a recipe from it which was perfect: the fresh chicken with lime and garlic. The weekends were fun and relaxed. Had a housewarming and birthday party of two friends, some drinks with colleagues and in the third weekend it was 'Bokketocht' in Zaandam (were I live) which basically means, catching up with friends while riding your bicycle from bar to bar and drinking a beer (bokbiertje) before you go to the next one. It's always a lot of fun!

Then in the fourth weekend we had the Lizz is More Vitality Event at which I prepared the lunch, luckely everything went great and it was an inspirational day. Afterwards I went to the Toppers in Concert (a Dutch music event) with my parents and brother. On sunday I had a babyshower and afterwards I went to my favorite place with Ellen: Aloha Wijk aan Zee. I had a pizza at the beach and just relaxed and prepared for a new week of work after a very busy weekend. So I deserved my cheatmeal!

Sunday Dinner at the Beach at Aloha Wijk aan Zee

The last week of May it was super busy at work because we only had 3 days of work due to hemelvaart. I also received the recipe cards that were made of which I'm really proud! On Friday we were all still free so I went to Amsterdam with Charlotte to do some shopping and trying out a new healthy lunch place: Lavinia Good Food! It was perfect and I would highly recommend this to anybody who is going to visit Amsterdam any time soon! On Saturday, the last day of May I went to 'het weekend van de rollende keukens' in Amsterdam which is a Food festival! Had a super fun day and definitely going to go back there next year.

The Weekend of the Rolling Kitchens

So that was May! Curious to see what June will bring me and hoping the weather will be good and there is time to visit the beach!

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