Beach Bootcamp!

This morning it was time for Beach Bootcamp! Occasionally we have Bootcamp on the beach in Castricum, half hour drive and you're already there and it's super fun! It was gray and dreary weather this morning but with a lovely temperature and against all odds, we kept it dry! Happy! And actually it was also nice that the sun was not shining. After the win last night of the Dutch National Soccer Team everybody had a little hangover so the fresh sea air has done us good!

Bootcamp on the beach is very different from what we normally do in the park. It has a higher 'fun' element and of course running through the sand is much heavier. We've done all sorts of bootcamp exercises with and without a competitive element and yes, some exercises we have done in the sea. Burpees in the sea, what more could you want! Below you can see some pictures of what we've done.

Crawling in the surf

Push ups!

Tug of War

With my workout buddy Lizzy after a swim in the sea!

Let's Go!

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