If you are just getting started on your clean eating journey the following series of posts will help you take the first steps.
  1. Clean Out Your Pantry
  2. What's in my Pantry? And Should be in Yours..
  3. Shopping List for Beginners
  4. Clean Eating on a Budget
  5. Meal Planning: Wanna know the benefits of meal planning and why I do it? Go check out this post! 
  6. Create a Menu for the Upcoming Week and Stick to it!
  7. Meal prepping: saves me a lot of time during the week and I can really advice for you to do the same! In this post I show you what I usually prep on Sunday's.
  8. Tips to Control Binge Eating 
  9. Eating Clean While Eating Out: Some tips to help you eat clean when you're eating in a restaurant. But, for me, it's sometimes the perfect time for a cheat meal ;)

Other tips which will help you in your fit and healthy lifestyle:
  • Seasonal Fruit: If you are focussed on staying on budget you need to read this! 
  • Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables 
  • The natural sugar content of fruit 
  • 8 tips to be more active at the office: When you're sitting behind your computer all day long it's important to have short (2 minute) activity breaks at least every 2 hours to avoid sedentary behavior. 
  • Fruit as a healthy snack: Combining a piece of fresh fruit with unroasted and unsalted nuts make the perfect simple healthy snack which doesn't cause a rapid raise in your blood sugar levels! As a bonus it;s very easy to take with you to the office.
  • Hydration: Hydration is a key aspect of healthy living! You need to drink about 2 liters of water every day but sometimes just plain water can be somewhat boring so drink flavored water! More information about the importance on drinking water can be found in this post. 
  • Schedule your workouts: In this way you don't have 'lame' excuses not to go and even a quick workout is better than no workout! 
  • Vary your vegetables: The key to a healthy lifestyle is that you have enough variation in your meals and also in the vegetables you use!

Natural Beauty tips:


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